The declaration of validity of the Mexican Standard NMX-Q-001 NORMEX-2018 was published on the first day of March in the Official Gazette of the Federation. “Stoves that work with firewood-Evaluation of functionality, safety, durability, efficiency thermal and emission level-Specifications, test methods and minimum requirements “. In Mexico, the market for these stoves is 5 million families, most of them highly vulnerable. With this NMX, it is ensured that the diffused stoves comply with the standards of efficiency, emission reduction and durability to provide tangible services to users, particularly rural women. The benefits of efficient wood stoves include: 10 more years of healthy life for women; savings of 1 ton of firewood / year; mitigation of 2 tons of CO2 emissions equivalent / year (which emit 1-2 cars!); 2- 3 thousand pesos / year of savings in the purchase of firewood.


The Standard establishes the test methods to determine the thermal efficiency, the characteristics of functionality, level of emissions, safety and durability of the stoves that work with firewood, which are commercialized in the United Mexican States and establishes the necessary requirements.


The draft standard began in 2015 and was promoted by Dr. Víctor Berrueta and Dr. Víctor Ruiz members of the Cluster of Solid Biofuels and the Laboratory of Innovation and Evaluation of Biomass Stoves and will come into force as of April 30 of 2019.


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