Today, the main headquarters of the Cluster of Solid Biofuels in the Institute of Research in Ecosystems and Sustainability of the UNAM, Campus Morelia, received the visit of Dr. Enrique Graue Wiechers, rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, to whom he was shown the work developed by our project, in terms of technological innovation, generation of knowledge about BCS, training of human resources and the operation of the Ecotechnological Innovation and Bioenergy building.

This campus was inaugurated on August 16, 2018, with an investment of 40 million pesos contributed by this great house of studies. In the 1,800 m2 of construction, different laboratories and research groups are housed, among which stand out: The Cluster of Solid Biofuels (which is part of the CONACYT-SENER Mega Projects called “Mexican Energy Innovation Centers”, specifically the Mexican Center of Innovation in Bioenergy), the Unit of Ecotechnologies and the National Laboratory of Ecotechnological Research and Sustainability (LANIES).

The inaugurated infrastructure will allow to provide fuel quality analysis services, measurements of contaminants, energy performance of devices for cooking and heating, computerized design and simulation of efficient technology, prototype development and demonstration equipment in water catchment and storage areas. rain, organic waste management, sustainable housing, production of solid biofuels and biodiesel, stoves and heaters efficient biomass, modeling of biomass resources and optimization of the location of production plants for solid and other biofuels. The new facilities will also serve to catalyze the training of quality human resources – both undergraduate and graduate – to have infrastructure and equipment to develop their projects and contribute to the generation of knowledge of first international level and local impacts in development sustainable. The knowledge generated will also be useful to provide first-hand information and ecotechnological options for the formulation and implementation of public policies.

Dr. Omar Masera, Technical Leader of the project and all his team, are grateful for the visit of the Rector, Dr. Graue and the accompaniment of Dr. William Lee, Coordinator of Scientific Research of the UNAM.