In these 3 years since its formalization in November 2016, the Solid Biofuels Cluster (SBF) has established itself as the reference research group on this subject in Mexico. The work of the Cluster has strengthened the working groups in the state and national public universities with decentralized Public Research Centers in several regions of the country. Initially formed by a total of 13 national and 2 foreign institutions, including 3 companies, the SBF Cluster has currently consolidated a research and innovation network that includes a total of 217 members – 81 researchers and technicians – and relationships with 15 institutions of Mexico and abroad, organized in 5 strongly integrated thematic lines.

Echoing its mission, the SBF Cluster has established itself as an important dynamic center of Mexico’s energy transition process, innovating with social responsibility regarding the sustainable and efficient generation and use of thermal and electrical energy from solid biofuels. Based on an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the problem of SBF, -which includes the offer of biomasic resources, the characterization of biofuels, the technologies for heat and electricity production in its different sectors of final use, and the analysis and design of Public policies and frameworks to ensure the sustainable use of SBF- has been achieved:

In the scientific and innovation aspect, the Cluster has managed to establish 5 Reference Laboratories at the national level – unpublished in the country until the beginning of the project – aimed at the standardization of BCS, the certification of pollutant emissions and devices for residential use and other themes. A total of 13 articles and other products with international impact have been published, as well as a total of 35 students, 57% of them graduate. Innovations have been achieved in the area of ​​geospatial modeling of biomass resources, with the development of an internet platform that is now used internationally, as well as efficient biomass stoves in the residential sector. The two Thematic Networks on Bioenergy with which Mexico (REMBIO and RTB) have been strengthened and collaborations with several others in the national, Latin American and global sphere have been established.

Regarding social and public policy ties, the Cluster has supported the construction of the path for the modern, sustainable and diversified use of biofuels. On the one hand, strategic documents such as the SBF Road Map, or the Mexican Standard for efficient wood-burning stoves have been prepared and actively participated in forums on public policy. An important and innovative work of innovative innovation is carried out with rural users, who are mainly women. It also collaborates with various agribusinesses and forest industries in the country in projects for the valuation of biomass waste for energy production, for example, through the production of pellets, which have allowed the installation and / or efficiency of processes in several case studies. Finally, the linking component has also been attended by the Project, with the creation of an official website and two social networks (Twitter and Facebook), and the implementation of a monthly newsletter. The page has been visited more than 17 thousand times and social media followers exceed 840, with organic growth.


These achievements would not have been realized without the effort of all the members of the Cluster, who day by day have contributed their energy and commitment to fulfill the ambitious goals of our project; For this reason, I extend my deepest recognition to all colleagues and collaborators, and I invite you to continue your efforts to achieve together the sustainable future that we so long for. Our work is a bulwark in the complex path towards reducing dependence on fossil fuels, promoting the sustainable use of bioenergetics and supporting local development.