SBF Cluster’s Week: Contributions of the BCS towards a just and sovereign Energy Transition in Mexico | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos
As we have been announcing, we have officially started the final stretch of this project, which has allowed us to catalyze innovation in the generation and sustainable and efficient use of thermal and electrical energy from Solid Biofuels.
As part of the activities that we are generating to make this work of more than 4 years visible, we invite you to be part of the following event:
From April 26 to 30, we want you to join us for the BCS Cluster Week “Contributions of the BCS towards a just and sovereign Energy Transition in Mexico”, an event that we prepare for all those interested in the following topics:
  • Development of technological innovations for the mitigation of climate change, the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, improvements in air quality and the sustainable use of forest and agricultural residues.
  • Know the supply and demand potential of biomass resources, and their relationship with GHG.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of short-lived pollutants.
  • The replacement of the use of fossil fuels with clean fuels.
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