Processes of Production of Agricultural and Forestry Biomass for Energy Use: Course. | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

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From May 20 to 23 of this year, the Course “Processes of Production of Agricultural and Forest Biomass for Energy Use” was organized by the Mexican Bioenergy Network and the Cluster of Solid Biofuels. Taught by Dr. Borja Velázquez Marti of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, it lasted 25 hours in total, in which topics were reviewed such as:

  • INTRODUCTION TO THE BIOMASS AND TYPES OF BIOFUELS: Definition of biomass, biofuel and biofuel – Analysis of biomass sources for energy use – Contemporary problems related to bioenergy – Types of biofuels (different pretreatments).
  • CHARACTERIZATION OF SOLID BIOMASS – Physical analysis – Elemental analysis – Proximal analysis – Thermogravimetric analysis – Generation of characterization protocols – Formulation of norms and their political management.


  • QUANTIFICATION AND INVENTORY SYSTEMS FOR AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST BIOMASS – Quantification of forest biomass – Quantification of biomass of fruit trees – Quantification of shrub biomass – Quantification of biomass linked to the production of other resources – Methods of quantification biomass by remote sensing
  • AGRICULTURAL BIOMASS COLLECTION SYSTEMS AND FOREST – Chippers and Balers – Systems for organizing the biomass collection machinery – Parameters for evaluation of the organization systems of the biomass collection machinery.
  • MODELING OF LOGISTICS SYSTEMS FOR BIOMASS SUPPLY – Project control and programming techniques -Pad Critical Method- – Linear programming in logistics systems – Ford algorithm for oriented networks – Dikjtra algorithm – Application of digital SIG maps to logistics programming
  • GENERATION OF POWER-STEAM CYCLES – Properties of simple compressible substances. Relationship P-V-T – Balances of matter and energy. First and second principle of thermodynamics – Rankine ideal cycle – Overheating and reheating – Regenerative power cycle: Open and closed heater – Cogeneration – Case studies and applications.
  • THERMAL INSTALLATIONS AND GASIFICATION – Solid fuel boilers – Gas fuel boilers – Dimensioning of thermal installations – Gasification installations.
  • EMISSIONS IN THE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR – Mechanical separation – Filtration beds – Adsorption – Absorption – Incineration as a gas purification technique – Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) – Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) – Chimney calculation by dispersion.

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