Two Limerick brothers are paving the way in this country for the introduction of biomass centres and putting firewood at the heart of the decarbonising effort while they are at it.

Jack (21) and Nick Jr. (18) operate Cotter Bros Firewood – a local farm business that is based on producing and selling high-quality, ready to burn Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA) certified firewood.

The brothers set up the business when they were just 11 and 13-years-old respectively and in the few short years since the business’ inception it has gone from strength to strength.

The effort has also left the Co. Limerick duo among the forerunners in Ireland’s effort to decarbonise and provide a more sustainable way of living for everyone.

And, also, for the firewood to pave the way for that sustainable living ethos in the first instance, the brothers knew it had to be top quality.

They also realised that while there was a market for the firewood – research would be necessary to achieve their ultimate goal.

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