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We have these service units in relation to biomass innovation and support for the energy transition



Supply and Demand of Biomassic Resources

Contact us: aghilardi@ciga.unam.mx

Biomass Supply Estimate

Particular estimates

  • Of the demand of solid biomass local and national level.
  • As well as by specific sectors (residential, industrial).


  • Of the socio-environmental impacts of the use of biomass.
  • Of the logistics costs for different biomass resources.


  • Location of plants for transformation and use of biomass.



SBF Characterization and Standardization 

Contact us: acarrilloparra@gmail.com

Physical and Mechanical Properties of SBF

Test of:

  • basic density
  • apparent density
  • granulometry

Chemical and Calorific Properties of SBF

  • Immediate or proximal biomass analysis: Tests of in-situ moisture content, volatile material, ash content, fixed carbon and calorific value.
  • Immediate or proximal and calorific analysis in charcoal: tests of moisture content, volatile material, ash content, fixed carbon and calorific value.
  • Chemical composition of biomass: tests of holocellulose content, tests of lignin content insoluble in acid in wood and content of extracts.
  • Analysis of major elements in biomass: Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu and Zn tests



Low power heat generation for residential applications

Contact us: victor_ruizgarcia@yahoo.com

Design, Modeling and Simulation Laboratory

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) of parts, devices and mechanical systems.
  • Estimation of thermal efficiency of mechanical devices using modeling and simulation tools.
  • Estimation of combustion and emission efficiencies of some contaminants in biomass stoves.
  • Modeling and simulation of flow dynamics in mechanical devices and systems.
  • Infrastructure rental for high performance computing.
  • Basic course of computer-aided design (CAD). Focused on parts and some mechanical devices.
  • Modeling and simulation course of transport phenomena using free and commercial software tools.

LINEB: Laboratory of Innovation and Evaluation of Biomass Stoves.

Biomass Stove Evaluation Service: 

  • Water Boiling Test
  • Controlled Cooking Test
  • Durability Test
  • Security Test
  • Temperature Profile Test

Emission Measurement:

  • Atmosphere: PM 2.5, SO2, Nox, CO2, CO, O2, CH4, THNM, EC, OC, BC.
  • Health: CO, 5

Biomass Characterization:

  • Ashes
  • Elemental Composition (C, H, N, S)
  • Humidity
  • Calorific Power (PCI, PCS)
  • Density

Cooking device monitoring in rural sector:

  • Emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Use
  • Health