To give impulse to these bioenergetic alternatives and the development of ecotechnologies in our country, the Coordinator of the Scientific Investigation of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Dr. William Henry Lee Alardin and the Mtro. Jaime Jiménez Viacobo, representative of the Energy Sustainability Fund of CONACYT-SENER, opened on Thursday, August 16, the first stage of the building of Ecotechnical Innovation and Bioenergy that is located in the Institute of Research in Ecosystems and Sustainability (IIES), in the UNAM , Campus Morelia.

With an investment of 40 million pesos contributed by the UNAM, this is a country at the forefront of bioenergy and ecotechnology research. Its 1,800 m2 of construction will house different laboratories and research groups, among which stand out: The Cluster of Solid Biofuels (called Mexican Energy Innovation Centers), specifically the Mexican Center for Innovation in Bioenergy), the Ecotechnologies Unit and the National Laboratory of Ecological Research and Sustainability (LANIES).

In this first stage, the Building of Ecotechnical Innovation and Bioenergy will house the Cluster of Solid Biofuels and the Ecotechnologies Unit. The inventory has an area of ​​offices and services for students as for 5 laboratories: the Biodiesel and Water Laboratory, the Laboratory for Innovation and Evaluation of Biomass Stoves (LINEB), the Laboratory of Technology and Rural Innovation (LITR)), the Laboratory of Design, Modeling and Simulation (LDMS), and the Laboratory of Ecotechnical Housing (LAVE) and three working groups: Sustainability Analysis of Biofuels, Analysis of Biomass Resources and Analysis of Ecotechnologies. It also has a pilot plant for the production of biodiesel, and an area for measuring and weighing atmospheric pollutants. In coordination with the Interdisciplinary Group of Appropriate Rural Technology (GIRA AC), it is also possible to operate in the Field Laboratory and Extension Center in Tzetzénguaro, Municipality of Pátzcuaro, Mich. In which ecological innovation activities are carried out and biofuels such as modern pellets, chips and briquettes are manufactured.