In october of this year, the National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy (INEEL for spanish acronym) participated in the workshop: “Update on energy systems 2020”, which was organized by the World Energy Council (WEC) – Mexico Chapter.

The objective of the workshop was to present a global overview of the national energy system from all its aspects: economic, social and public policy.

This happened at the conference: “The energy scenarios of Mexico”, whose objective was to describe the Prospects of the Energy Sector of Mexico that the Ministry of Energy (SENER for spanish acronym) publishes in its annual report.

Among the topics related during the workshop, the set of elements in which the activity of the energy sector, resources, infrastructure, society and the environment was developed.

It was emphasized that planning in the energy sector requires knowledge of the history, the current state and the indicators for the desired future; this knowledge is obtained from the analysis of variables, parameters and experiences of the application of public policies.

In this workshop it was said that the scenarios are indicative of the expansion planned for the next 15 years and offer official government information on the current situation and future production, demand and infrastructure scenarios.

This information is relevant and serves as support for more specific studies and reinforces strategic decision-making for the entire energy sector in Mexico.

To download the document on energy prospects to 2032 in Mexico, click here: