We are a consortium dedicated to the Innovation and Technology in Biomass

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About us


We are 12 academic institutions and 3 companies working in an integral way to promote scientific and technological innovation in the area of ​​Solid Biofuels (SBF).


What we do


We promote innovation in SBF for the sustainable development of Mexico. We seek to accelerate the energy transition towards clean and sustainable sources of energy.

Solid Biofuels Cluster:
Sustainable Energy Alternatives 

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Son actualmente la fuente más importante de energía renovable en México con un 10% del consumo de energía final.
Su obtención
Mayormente a partir de los residuos de actividades forestales y agrícolas, así como de residuos de aserraderos y agroindustrias.
El Cluster BCS
Aprovechamos sustentablemente y con tecnología limpia y eficiente los BCS permitiendo posiblemente generar casi la mitad del consumo de energía en México, sobre todo para producir calor y electricidad.

Our mission as a cluster:

We are building a processing center to create a dynamic energy transition in Mexico. We innovate in sustainable and efficient thermal- and electric-energy use and generation through solid biofuels (SBF). We also provide information that detonates technological innovation, training, decision-making criteria, public-policy proposals, and highly skilled technical and scientific human resources.

Nuestra visión para el 2030:

To secure a Mexican energy system in which solid biomass can account for one-fourth of the total primary energy in the country. Biomass energy’s contribution should be fully sustainable, and its efficient use should generate employment and wellbeing in the rural sector and satisfy heating and electric energy demand in the industrial and residential sectors in a way that is competitive and reduces contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuels: a sustainable solution.

Solid biofuels pose many advantages that have to be taken into account for Mexico’s energy transition, which could allow 100% of energy consumption to stem from renewable energies.

It is versatile

Meaning that it can satisfy most final users, as it generates heat and electricity.

It can be stored

Which can make up for the unreliability of other renewable sources, with advantages when it comes to heat and electricity production.

It is scalable

Meaning energy can be supplied at home but also at larger scales, with local, regional, national, and even global prospects.

It is a mature business player

Since many of the technologies used in its production are already available on the market.

Innovation areas

Para lograr transitar a un sistema energético que no dependa de los combustibles fósiles, nace el Clúster BCS, con diferentes equipos dedicados a la investigación, desarrollo y ejecución de acciones coordinadas.

We are part of the SBF Cluster