The energy generated through the burning of waste from nature does not stop growing worldwide, especially in some countries that set trends such as Spain and other Nordics. Biomass is nothing more than surplus or forest residues that instead of being forgotten, are collected, used and taken to a process to generate energy and heat.

These processes transform these remains into splinters or pellets that are burned in large boilers or stoves exclusively for biomass generating heating and hot water for thousands of homes, schools, hospitals and hotels. As an added value, forests benefit as “cleaning” them from these surpluses reduces the possibility of forest fires.
Now, the main drivers of this renewable energy source is to expand it and extend it to all continents. In Chile, for example, it is the most used renewable energy, even 13 times higher compared to the use of solar and wind energy, and below crude oil, it is the second most used surpassing coal and natural gas.