We boost technological innovation to promote the generation, development, and company transfer of efficient devices that can have an impact on the country’s poorest strata.

Our Strategic Objectives:

Modeling, characterization, and numerical simulation of combustion in low-voltage devices and complex geometries.

Developing and adapting measurement and evaluation protocols for technical success, adapting to local conditions.

Selecting and testing materials for combustion chambers and heat-transfer surfaces in cooking devices.

Developing a design methodology based on user needs.

Monitoring systems and protocols for use and efficiency in rural areas.o

Developing methodologies to transfer technology to NGOs and businesses in the market for residential fuel devices.

Technical Leader

Institute for Research in Ecosystems and Sustainability (IIES, UNAM).

Omar Masera is a physicist with a master’s and Ph.D. in energy and natural-resource management. He works from a systemic, interdisciplinary, and multi-scale perspective in the areas of bioenergy, rural environmental technologies, climate-change mitigation, and sustainability analysis. He has developed technologies as well as innovation models while working for the adoption of technologies for rural, domestic cooking, including internationally renowned technologies such as the Patsari stove.

He has also co-developed simulation and analysis models to understand Woodfuels Integrated Supply/Demand Overview Mapping (WISDOM), mitigating carbon emissions in forest ecosystems (CO2fix), and multicriteria frameworks to evaluate the sustainability of social and ecosystem management (MESMIS).

He has coordinated national and international groups of investigators and has participated as an international expert in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for Mexico since 1998.

Administrative Staff:  Claudia Sánchez Hernández

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