The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published the first international standard for laboratory testing of cookstoves. Developed and approved by international experts from 45 countries, the new standard includes protocols to test and report the emissions, efficiency, safety and durability of cookstoves in a lab setting.

“Standards play a critical role in virtually every industry, delivering transformative impact on safety and performance,” said Sally Seitz, co-Secretariat of ISO Technical Committee 285 (ISO TC 285) and senior program manager at the American National Standards Institute. “With the publication of this standard, the clean cooking sector is poised to make significant strides toward better products and ultimately, toward improved outcomes for consumers who use them.”

The standard, which replaces an ISO International Workshop Agreement from 2012, is expected to serve as the basis for national policies and programs on cookstoves, while also incentivizing manufacturers and developers to improve stove quality and performance. An accompanying ISO technical report that benchmarks performance to voluntary performance targets, or tiers, and provides guidance on how to understand and interpret lab test results was also approved by member countries of the ISO Committee and will soon be published.

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