The Danish bioenergy cluster is already well known. Last year a mapping of the cluster revealed that the cluster encompasses 1,200 companies with a turnover of EUR 3.3 billion, employs 11,500 people and has an export value of EUR 1.1 billion. The last figure in particular is striking.

Bioenergy technology is actually the second largest type of renewable energy technologies being exported in Denmark. If we told you wind technology is number one, you probably wouldn’t be surprised, we are talking about Denmark after all! In order to investigate how the bioenergy cluster is continuing to forge ahead in this small island nation, the partners behind the original cluster analysis, the Danish Bioenergy AssociationFORCE Technology and INBIOM (Innovation Network for Biomass), carried out a follow-up analysis, drilling down into the status of the bioenergy cluster with regards to innovation and internationalization. In this article, we present some of the findings from the analysis and provide conclusive evidence of how the bioenergy cluster is a source of continual innovation, making Denmark the natural choice of partner projects.

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