Energy Transition and Thermal Quality in Rural Housing: the case of the Northwest of Argentine Patagonia | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

In a large number of rural communities in the world, there are advances and efforts to promote energy transition processes towards a combined use of fuels. Firewood is the only source of energy in these places and this led to the importance of studying the residential use of biomass in relation to its problems.

The results of an interesting study on the changes in energy use originated by a government program that tried to replace firewood with fossil fuels in rural houses in Patagonia, Argentina, shows us how the energy transition from firewood to a mixture of LPG and Firewood contributed to improving the quality of life, however, the transition to LPG was totally affected by the lack of energy efficiency in homes and increased energy consumed in heating.

This study concluded that the lack of energy efficiency policies led to very high operating costs and environmental impacts. Based on the characteristics of the homes, we have found that the LPG subsidies saved in 2.2 years, would return the investment for a thermal insulation that would reduce gas consumption by 50% and substantially improve comfort.


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