ENAEM, the strategy for the adoption of efficient stoves in Honduras | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

The National Strategy for the Adoption of Improved Stoves (ENAEM in Spanish) is the Honduran national framework for the displacement of the traditional stove and promoting the transition and sustained use of efficient wood stoves. It is the result of a participatory process in which 22 instances of the Inter-institutional Platform for the development of the value chain of improved stoves worked.

The framework has five strategic lines:

  1. inter-institutional coordination,
  2. financial mechanisms,
  3. strengthening of the value chain,
  4. access to firewood in households, cultural awareness and adaptation
  5. monitoring and evaluation of impacts at the national level.

It is estimated that it will benefit more than a million families that cook in inefficient traditional stoves. In Honduras, firewood represents 79% of the energy sources used in homes, with this strategy it is expected that the consumption of firewood will be reduced optimizing resources and, above all, improving the air quality in homes and reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

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