Danish stove industry looks to compete, grow in USA. | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

The Danish stove industry is known for sleek, vertical, expensive stoves. There is a joke that they are made to look like high end furniture that happens to hold a fire. But amidst this new wave of modern design is an industry that embraces innovation, competes worldwide to heat homes and has many budget line models.

Danish stove makers tend to be skeptical of catalysts, very comfortable testing with cordwood, committed to quality and adaptable to the preferences and requirements of different countries. Danish stove manufacturers also have their own EPA-approved test lab at the Danish Technological Institute, one of three European labs that are now approved for EPA certification testing.

Regardless of their share of the US market, Danish stoves represent an enduring aesthetic. They are also expanding into Eastern Europe, where some of them are manufactured, and where cleaner, more efficient stoves are needed far more than North America and Western Europe. It is difficult to know how regulations, innovation and energy demands will impact wood stoves, but Danish stove makers are likely to be on the forefront of those changes.
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