Last March, members of Line 4, of the ENES-Morelia and of the ALTEX-CITREX group, both members of the Solid Biofuels Cluster met at the facilities of Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz, in order to follow up to the collection of data that will serve for the evaluation of sustainability of the industrial processes of the use of biomass as an energy resource in said company. ALTEX Group is characterized by its commitment to society and the environment, which is why it participates actively in sustainability evaluations.

Data from the first source were taken, which are of great importance for the fulfillment of the objectives of Line 4.

They participated by part of line 4 of the ENES-Morelia, Ricardo Musule Lagunes, Joel Bonales Revuelta and Rosa María Gallardo Álvarez; as part of CITREX, Manuel Alfonso Navarrete García and other participants.