SBF Cluster visits the State University of Bolivar | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

Within the framework of the activities of the BCS Cluster Innovation Area corresponding to the Characterization and Standardization of BCS, a team visit to the Bioenergy Laboratory of the State University of Bolívar, in Ecuador, is taking place today.

The purpose of the visit is to know the facilities of the biomass characterization laboratories, the protocols that they use and that collaboration links are generated to develop their own in the cluster, specifically with the Ecuadorian Network for Research on Energy Efficiency of the Biomass (ECUMASA).

Within the strategic objectives of this innovation area of ​​the BCS Cluster, we find:

  • The adoption of uniform BCS testing and characterization protocols that are appropriate and applicable for national conditions.
  • Make a base of data available for public use. complete and integral data with the characteristics and properties of the solid biomass and the BCS.
  • The formulation and commercial acceptance of standards and voluntary quality standards of the BCS.
  • The strengthening of our laboratories for the characterization of BCS and the training of human resources.

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