Cluster BCS at the ETHOS 2021 Meeting | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service (ETHOS) is a non-profit organization that organizes an annual conference to share new research and lessons learned among its participant body. The annual ETHOS conference unites the cookstoves and clean cooking community by bringing together lab and field based scientific knowledge that fosters collaborations, elevates scientific rigor, and disseminates knowledge to manufacturers and designers, leading to development and greater adoption of cleaner stoves.

The SBF Cluster will be present through the presentation of Dr. Víctor Ruíz, who will be present at the panel: Updates from the Regional Testing & Knowledge Centers

This panel will bring together leaders from several Regional Testing & Knowledge Centers to share their latest challenges and activities. The panel will provide a forum to exchange learnings on topics such application of new protocols, communications with clients, use of instrumentation, business development ideas, and others.
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