CCA: The 2019 SAFE Workshop and Humanitarian Energy Conference | Cluster de Biocombustibles Sólidos

Access to energy for cooking, lighting, powering, communications, and other uses is increasingly being recognized as a basic need, not a luxury.  While the humanitarian system has long struggled to bring energy assistance up to par with food, medicine, sanitation, and other basic services, this story is now changing.

A diverse and growing community of actors is adopting innovative approaches to improve and expand energy access in humanitarian settings. This past month, over 180 representatives from 31 countries gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for two events aimed at leveraging their collective expertise towards this goal. Both events were hosted by the Clean Cooking Alliance (the Alliance) and the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

The SAFE Workshop is an annual event that trains practitioners working with crisis-affected populations on how to integrate energy into their work. The Alliance has hosted the workshop since 2014 in partnership with other members of the SAFE  Humanitarian Working Group, an international consortium of agencies working to facilitate more coordinated, predictable, and timely responses to the fuel and energy needs of vulnerable populations. Traditionally, the workshop was designed for humanitarian actors and energy experts, but participation from private companies, governments, researchers, and other actors has consistently increased each year since 2016.

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