The Solid Biofuels Cluster through it’s Low Power Heat Generation Research Line had international activity in Guatemala. PhD Víctor Ruiz and MSc Juan Carlos Vázquez performed measurements of intramural air quality and exposure to pollutants from the use of open fires and improved stoves. As part of the sampling campaign, there was continuous interaction with the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as with manufacturers and local NGOs such as Good Neighbors, Doña Dora, Puente, and Construmetales Los Ángeles. The measurement campaign involved measurements in 68 houses in 13 communities. The objective of the campaign is to know the impacts and benefits on air quality from the use of various technologies to satisfy cooking needs.


On the other hand, the LINEB as a laboratory for research and evaluation of end-use devices, showed its evaluation capabilities to manufacturers in Guatemala and to the laboratory of the University of San Carlos. This positions LINEB as a benchmark in Latin America.